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Our core class for SolidWorks users, designers, and engineers. The Essentials class is the first step toward being a proficient SolidWorks user. It covers the core concepts of 3D parametric modeling, part design, assembly creation, and drawing generation. Focus is on capturing design intent to build efficient models that are robust and easily changed as the design evolves. Essentials is a prerequisite for most other SolidWorks classes.

CAPINC Bundle Options:

  • Advanced Bundle: Essentials and choice of 1 Advanced Class
  • Premium Bundle: Essentials and choice of 2 Advanced Classes
  • Comprehensive Bundle: Essentials and 4 Advanced Classes

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An abridged class for those who are seeking an overview of SolidWorks fundamentals with a minimum investment of time and money. The QuickStart class is best suited for managers, casual users, drafting, documentation, manufacturing, sales and marketing, and other SolidWorks users who are not designers. The focus is on learning how to create simple parts, assemblies, and associated drawings, while building familiarity with feature-based, parametric modeling in SolidWorks. QuickStart is popular with students who would like some SolidWorks instruction prior to attending the Essentials class. The QuickStart class can also satisfy the prerequisites for the Advanced Drawing class and the Sheet Metal & Weldments class.

Prerequisite: Working knowledge of Windows, use of a mouse, and understanding of engineering drawings.

CAP Bundle Options:

  • Drafting Bundle: QuickStart and Advanced Drawings
  • Manufacturing Bundle: QuickStart and Sheet Metal and Weldments

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An accelerated and abridged Essentials course, plus extra content, tailored to the SolidWorks user who wishes to “fill in the gaps” or update his or her skills. Perfect for self-taught SolidWorks users, or people who took Essentials several years/versions ago. Instruction focuses on getting the most out of the user interface, customization, capturing design intent, successful editing techniques, and deeper understanding of common functionality. An excellent prerequisite as a refresher before any of the various advanced classes.

Prerequisite: Prior SolidWorks experience.

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SOLIDWORKS File Management

A detailed treatment of how part, assembly, and drawing files interrelate, including common misconceptions and best practices for saving, opening, moving, renaming, and backing up SolidWorks files. Very important for all SolidWorks users to understand, whether they are using PDM software or not. This is a good prerequisite foundation to have before taking either of the EPDM courses.

Prerequisite: SolidWorks QuickStart or Essentials.

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Getting Started Series

A half day class for SOLIDWORKS users, designers, and engineers that will focus on different topics of interest each month. Each class will have an instructor lead lecture followed by a hands-on lab. Instructors will be present for questions and to help give one-on-one instruction as labs are performed. Topics for this class will rotate monthly and generally cover material not covered in our Core, Advanced or Specialized Courses.

Templates: An overview of creating/editing SOLIDWORKS Templates to get the most out of your SOLIDWORKS experience. This class will cover time saving tips and best practices for your templates.
DimXpert and Model Based Definition (MBD): An overview of using DimXpert with and without the use of MBD as well as an overview of the MBD add-in.
Rendering: An overview of PhotoView360 and SOLIDWORKS Visualize. This class will cover time saving tips and best practices.
Plastics: An overview of SOLIDWORKS Plastics. This class will cover time saving tips and best practices.
Inspection: An overview of SOLIDWORKS Inspection. This will cover both the PDF version as well as the SOLIDWORKS Add-in.
Routing: An overview of SOLIDWORKS Routing. This will cover both Pipe Routing and Electrical Routing.
Motion: An overview of SOLIDWORKS Motion. This class will cover time saving tips and best practices.
PCB: An overview of SOLIDWORKS PCB.

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