First time SolidWorks installation

Q: How Do I install the latest version of SolidWorks on my computer if I have never installed SolidWorks before?

1. Please take note of following prior to installing SolidWorks

Required Suggested
Serial Number

  • Serial numbers starting with 0000 or 9000 are standalone and require activation with SolidWorks Corp. via internet or e-mail.
  • Serial Numbers starting with 0010 or 9010 are SolidNetWork License (SNL) and require access to a local license server.
Disable User Account Control (UAC)
SolidWorks Installation Step 0

Disable anti-virus/anti-malware/anti-spyware before installing SolidWorks.
Use a Windows login with Administrator privileges License server information (machine name or IP address).

To disable antivirus:  Click Start>Run.
Type: services.msc
Services.msc run image

This opens the Services Window. Scroll to find the services pertaining to your anti-virus software.

Take note of the Status and Startup Type settings of the services before you make any changes.

Right-click to stop the anti-virus service, (in the case below, it’s Symantec), then right-click to select Properties

From the pull down menu, set the Startup Type to “Disabled” instead of “Automatic”:
Clean unistall 2010 Image 3

Click OK.

Repeat the process with all anti-virus services until you get the following:
Clean unistall 2010 Image 4

2. Now your ready to Install SolidWorks.

Insert the DVD or choose to download the software from link here.

DVD Download
a)      Run setup.exeSolidWorks Installation Step 1

a)      Login to your existing account or create a Customer Portal account to register your software and login.

b)      Select the appropriate software option, accept EULA agreement, and follow the steps to download the Installation Manager.

c)       When prompted to open or save SolidWorks.exe, choose Open.

d)      After SolidWorksSetup.exe downloads and starts, choose the Unzip option.
SolidWorks Installation Step 2

e)    Double click setup.exe from download folder.

SolidWorks Installation Step 3

3. The SolidWorks Installation Manager has started.  Select Individual (on this computer) and click Next.

SolidWorks Installation Step 4












4. Click the checkbox to enter the serial numbers for any products to install.

  1. If you have not expressly purchased and paid for additional products, ignore the section labeled Do You Have Other Serial Numbers? and leave those boxes empty.
  2. You may mix standalone and SNL licenses as shown below.
  3. After clicking next on this screen, if you get a notification that there is a newer version available, click “No, I’d like to continue installing…” and click Next.

SolidWorks Installation Step 5












5.  ONLY FOR SNL – If you have entered a SNL serial number, you will be prompted to add a license server.  Enter the machine name or IP address of your license server in the form 25734@<server-name>.

SolidWorks Installation Step 6









6. The summary page lists the default settings for an installation. Products to be installed are determined by the serial number(s) entered.  You may customize your installation by selecting CHANGE on any of the category bars.

  1. The most common customization is to append the SolidWorks version (ex. 2014) to the installation folders under Installation Location and the Toolbox/Hole Wizard Options (ex. Install selected products to: C:\Program Files\SolidWorks Corp 2014 and Toolbox Installation Location: C:\SolidWorks Data 2014).  This is especially important if you plan to install multiple versions of SolidWorks on the same machine simultaneously.

SolidWorks Installation Step 7












7.  After making all desired changes, select Download and Install.

8. After installation has completed, you get to decide whether to see What’s New in SolidWorks 2014 (select the checkbox) and you get to decide whether to be part of the SolidWorks performance feedback loop by selecting Yes, I want to join.  Select Finish.

SolidWorks Installation Step 8












9. For questions not covered in this guide or assistance with troubleshooting a stubborn installation, please contact CAPINC Technical Support at or 800-424-2255 x1000.


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