Installation FAQ

Basic SOLIDWORKS Installation FAQ

How to install SOLIDWORKS for the first time?
Do I need to download SOLIDWORKS onto every computer to install it?
When installing SOLIDWORKS, should I get the latest version when prompted?
How do I uninstall SOLIDWORKS?
How to activate your MySolidWorks Professional Serial Number

SolidNetWork License Installation: How do I install/upgrade a SolidNetWork License (SNL)?
SOLIDWORKS 2017 Installations or Upgrades:
SOLIDWORKS 2016 Installations or Upgrades:
SOLIDWORKS 2015 Installations or Upgrades:
SOLIDWORKS PDM Installation And Upgrade:
Miscellaneous SOLIDWORKS Installation FAQ

How to register your SOLIDWORKS Product: Used to make your SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal active for another year.

How to Activate a Standalone SOLIDWORKS License: Used to verify your Serial Numbers before your use a product.

How to Transfer a Standalone SOLIDWORKS License: Used to free up a Serial Number so that it can be used again in the future.

SOLIDWORKS 2017 – Enable Xpress Products

SOLIDWORKS 2016 – Enable Xpress Products

SOLIDWORKS 2015 – Enable Xpress Products: New in 2015 you will need to register your Xpress Products.

Downloading SOLIDWORKS Installation Media

2015 Toolbox Upgrade: Toolbox has changed to 64-bit in 2015. If you use Toolbox you should read this to see if it applies to your company.

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