Basic FAQ

What does SOLIDWORKS do? Is SOLIDWORKS easy to use? How does SOLIDWORKS work? What does SOLIDWORKS Viewer do? Does SOLIDWORKS work on Windows 7? Is there a SOLIDWORKS trial? Is SOLIDWORKS free? How much does SOLIDWORKS cost? What is MySolidWorks Professional? What are the system requirements for SOLIDWORKS Education? Why should I register my SOLIDWORKS Software? … Continue reading

Installation FAQ

Basic SOLIDWORKS Installation FAQ How to install SOLIDWORKS for the first time? Do I need to download SOLIDWORKS onto every computer to install it? When installing SOLIDWORKS, should I get the latest version when prompted? How do I uninstall SOLIDWORKS? How to activate your MySolidWorks Professional Serial Number SolidNetWork License Installation: How do I install/upgrade a SolidNetWork License … Continue reading

Usage FAQ

How do I add a license to my SolidNetWork License (SNL) Server? How do I set up SolidNetWork Licensing if I have a Windows Firewall? How do I diagnose issues with my software? Can SolidWorks open Inventor files? Can SolidWorks open STP files? Can SolidWorks open CATIA files? Can SolidWorks run on a Mac How to … Continue reading

Troubleshooting FAQ

SolidWorks cannot knit sheets together SolidWorks cannot startup because? Why do I get the error, “SolidWorks cannot open future version”? SolidWorks cannot obtain required memory SolidWorks will not install SolidWorks will not uninstall How can I apply a Bending-Moment to a face of my model? The FORCE/TORQUE dialog box only seems to allow me to … Continue reading

3D Printing FAQ

What is 3D Printing? What is Fused Deposition Modeling(FDM)? What is Polyjet? What is FDM Thermoplastics? How to Recycle 3D Printer Material Cartridges?    

Certification FAQ

What are SolidWorks Certifications and why do I want them? What SolidWorks Certifications are available? How are certification exams administered? What do I need to do to take a certification exam? Why don’t I have / Do I need a VT voucher? I have subscription service with CAPINC, how do I access my free exam … Continue reading

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