You put significant time and money into developing your products, and you want to be sure that the first experience for your customers is a good one. SOLIDWORKS Composer software gives you the tools to start product communication early in the design process, keep it updated, and deliver it on time. The easy-to-use software leverages your existing 3D CAD data to create dynamic product images and animations that clearly present even the most complex data. SOLIDWORKS Composer streamlines how you create your product communications

SOLIDWORKS Composer allows both engineers and non-engineers to create technical communication by re-purposing existing 3D CAD data. This product enables you to create interactive product animations, high-quality images, and line art for product manuals, marketing materials and other documentation.

SOLIDWORKS Composer works directly with 3D CAD data so your technical communication can be updated as the design changes, to keep your illustrations and content accurate and up-to-date. The costly manual process of editing design changes and creating images from scratch is eliminated.

Key Benefits Include:

  • Accurate and graphic-rich product documentation
  • Reduced existing documentation costs by 25% or more
  • Win more business with differentiated product presentations
  • Interactive 3D animations
  • Engineers are not required to produce documentation anymore
  • Faster time to market and less product assembly issues
  • Increase your competive advantage
  • Leverage existing designs

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