Idea Series

Mojo and uPrint 3d printersIf you’re a designer, engineer or part of a small design team, we cordially invite you to make the leap to 3D printing.

The Stratasys Idea Series makes 3D printing accessible at the individual level, for the purpose of accelerating and liberating creativity. Now you can see and hold your idea, even in its earliest stages. That means you can test it, talk it, revise it and perfect it like never before.

The Stratasys Idea Series is affordable and you can use it right from your own desktop. Virtually overnight, it becomes a priceless and irreplaceable part of your design process.

Visit the Idea Series 3D printer pages:

Mojo 3D Print Pack
Mojo 3D Printer
uPrint SE
uPrint 3D Printers

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