Dimension 3D Printers

Dimension Elite and 1200es

Dimension 3D Printers create functional models directly from your CAD data using tough ABS plastic for a wide variety of applications.

  • Fast Turn Around – models in hours, not weeks
  • Reduced Costs – An outsourced prototype may cost $400 or more, a Dimension model can create the same prototype for only $5 or less!
  • Evaluation & Durability– Models can be used in physical testing and have a higher level of accuracy to actually fit together
  • Easy to Use – no special training is required

Dimension 1200es Series

These office friendly 3D printers provide you the ability to print large, functional 3D models with a build size up to 10”x10”x12”. Easy to operate machines make printing a prototype a breeze rather than a nightmare. These machines use tough ABSplus Thermoplastic which can be drilled, sanded, painted or whatever other finishing technique is required.

1200es SST 3D Print Pack

With the largest build size in the Dimension family, the Dimension 1200es SST has the capacity to create a wide range of ABS plastic parts fast. Now when you bundle your Dimension  1200es SST printer with the Dimension  1200es SST 3D Print Pack you receive the machine, as SCA-1200 support removal system, and startup supply materials making 3D printing even easier.

Soluble Support Technology

  • The supports are dissolved in a water based solution.
  • This is recommended when detailed or delicate models are required

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Dimension Elite 3D Print Pack

The Dimension Elite is another office friendly 3D printer that’s perfect for intricate models and functional parts often used in medical devices, precision instruments and electronics. The Elite uses soluble support technology for those detailed or miniature parts that require an extra attention to detail. Bundle your printer purchase into a Dimension Elite 3D Print Pack to save money and receive your Elite 3D printer, SCA-1200 support removal system, and startup supplies.

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