PM Technologies Cleaning Stations

CleanStation® SRS DT Jr

The CleanStation® SRS DT Jr is a high capability, entry level support removal system utilizing PM Technologies’ patented “Heat, Agitation, and Flow” technology. The DT Jr supplies WaterWorks® users with “state of the art” support removal performance without “state of the art” expense.

Product Specifications:
* high value entry level CleanStation®
* 9” diameter x 10” depth work envelope
* 636 cubic inch, 3 gallon, all stainless steel tank
* 625 watts preset heat
* 1 hour warm up
* simple “single touch” manual control (attended operation only)
* circulation: 119% per minute
* integrated lid and parts basket
* recessed “no drip” top
* 120v, 10amp service
* high efficiency single point manifold
* less waste: smaller environmental foot print
* patented “Heat, Agitation and Flow” technology
* made in USA
*6 months warranty
*shipping weight 35lbs

CleanStation DT-3

All CleanStation Support Removal Systems are made in America and utilize US patented “Heat, Agitation, and Flow” technology to rapidly dissolve soluble support material from FDM parts and models. Although factory configured for “one touch” operation, the DT-3 is fully programmable for time and temperature. Additional features include a recessed, “no drip” top, integrated basket/lid, “whisper quiet” operation and a low solution level cut off for unattended operation.

Product Specifications:
* “whisper quiet”, office and classroom friendly desktop CleanStation®
* 10” x 10” x 12”work envelope
* 1200 cubic inch, 6 gallon, all stainless steel tank
* 1300 watts programmable heat and time
* 1 hour warm up
* “single touch” fully automated control
* circulation: 167% per minute
* 120v, 15amp service
* high efficiency single point manifold
* integrated lid and parts basket
* recessed “no drip” top
* made in USA
* 1 year warranty
* shipping weight 65 lbs

CleanStation SRS-II

The CleanStation SRS II is a heavy duty, “professional grade” support removal optimized to accommodate large FDM parts and quantities of DDM parts. To protect delicate parts, the system is equipped with active cooling to prevent warping and de-lamination due to overheating. The SRS II is also available with a variable flow option which allows operators to control jet flow rates.

The SRS II is mobile and self contained. It is mounted on lockable casters and equipped with appliance style “quick disconnect” plumbing. It may be hard wired and plumbed into place or rolled from one space to another.

Product Specifications
* large capacity high performance CleanStation®
* 16”x 14”x 16”work envelope
* 3584 cubic inch, 17 gallon, stainless steel tank
* integrated rinse sink and faucet
* “single touch” automated control
* programmable for time and temperature
* 3000 watt heater
* 1 hour warm up
* circulation: 167% per minute
* quick disconnect, appliance style plumbing
* single phase 240v, 20 amp service
* rolls on locking casters
* high efficiency single point manifold
* hinged and locking tank lid, hinged basket lid
* Recessed “no drip” top
* 1 year warranty
* Shipping weight 430lbs

CleanStation XL Plus

With a work envelope in excess of 23,000 cubic inches, the 100 gallon tank features a 360 degree manifold powered by a 53 gallon per minute, stainless steel pump. The XL plus features a fully programmable, micro-processor controlled, 16,500 watt circulation heater combined with a 5 fan active cooling system to maintain optimal operating temperature.
*Extended capacity, heavy duty CleanStation
*25″ x 37″ x 25″ work envelope
* 23125 cubic inch, 100 gallon, stainless steel tank
*”Single touch” automated control
*programmable for time and temperature
*16500 watt heater
*1 hour warm up
*360 degree multi-jet manifold
*stainless steel “hose barb” plumbing inlets and outlets
*three phase 240v, 70amp service
*rolls on locking casters
*hinged and locking tank lid
*welded stainless steel 1200lb capacity basket
*adjustable flow rate
*1 year warranty
*Shipping weight 1230lbs

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