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Staying competitive in today’s innovative design environment requires the highest degree of collaboration between your mechanical and electrical design teams. PCBWorks brings this collaborative element to focus with seamless workflow collaboration with SOLIDWORKS.

Circuit Board Design

Features and Benefits

Integrated Collaboration with SOLIDWORKS
PCBWorks was created specifically for collaboration with your mechanical design team using SOLIDWORKS, easily keeping your entire design team on the same page with integrated design data and managed workflows.

Intelligently Connected Design Data
With PCBWorks, your design data is more intelligently connected to mechanical workflows in SOLIDWORKS than ever before. It’s now easy to make changes to your design in either environment, and see those changes immediately reflected with our powerful collaboration tools.

  • ECAD/MCAD Project Collaboration Server – Collaboration becomes easier than ever with the ECAD/MCAD project collaboration server in PCBWorks. Intelligently tie your SOLIDWORKS mechanical models and your electrical data together, creating one common link across both design environments.
  • Parasolid Support- PCBWorks offers full support for SOLIDWORKS native Parasolid file format, expanding the potential for precise design translations between ECAD and MCAD environments. With Parasolid support, you can link to mechanical enclosures and component bodies in SOLIDWORKS, and then visualize those models in Native 3D to ensure the correct board fit.
  • Copper Analysis – Intelligently connected design data opens up the possibility for greater analysis of your board assemblies with included copper information. Send your board designs to SOLIDWORKS, with detailed copper data that lets your mechanical designer perform valuable thermal, vibration, and mechanical simulations on your PCB.

Enhancing Your Existing Workflow
PCBWorks doesn’t interrupt your existing design workflow. We’ve engineered PCBWorks to integrate seamlessly with SOLIDWORKS, so you can keep using the tools you know for mechanical design and work on the electrical side of your design in a powerful PCB design tool.. With your existing workflows remaining separate but in sync, your design efficiency remains at its best.

  • Managed ECO Change Process – A managed ECO change process in PCBWorks keeps everyone on the same page with immediate updates to design changes. Any change made to your design in either PCBWorks or SOLIDWORKS is captured and pushed to the other design environment instantly.
  • Managed Lifecycle States – It’s easier than ever to manage lifecycle states for component models. With intelligently linked design data, freely place component models on your board in PCBWorks, without waiting for the model to be completed by your mechanical designer. When it’s ready, an updated model will be instantly added to your board layout.
  • MCAD Integration – Your PCB doesn’t exist in isolation. Mechanical designers can now easily make changes to board shape, component placement, and mounting holes in their own design environment, and then send those changes to you in PCBWorks as part of a managed ECO.

 The Latest PCB Design Technology
We’ve included all of the necessary features you need in a modern PCB design tool to get the job done. From schematic capture to board layout, all the latest technology in PCB design is here to get your designs done quickly and easily.

A Proven PCB Design Engine. Backed by more than 25 years of R&D experience from Altium, the PCB design engine in PCBWorks provides all the features you need to keep up with today’s design demands. Powerful routing tools and clearance checking options keep your designs in-sync with manufacturing constraints while keeping your design process efficient.

  • Interactive Router
  • Real-Time 3D Clearance Checking
  • Differential Pair Routing
  • Comprehensive Design Rule Checking

Streamlined Schematic Editor. The streamlined schematic editor in PCBWorks gives you all the tools you need to get your schematic out of your head and into reality as quickly as possible. Take advantage of real-time component supply chain information and a powerful rule checking system to keep your design intent in-line with specific layout constraints.

  • Hierarchical Multi-Sheet Design
  • Electronic Rule Check
  • Library Management

Integrated Design Environment. In PCBWorks, we’ve integrated the schematic editor and PCB layout engine into one integrated design environment that shares a common interface. Plus, with a streamlined and modern interface, finding those features you use most often is easier than ever.

  • Managed ECO Change Process
  • Easy-to-Use Interface
  • Version Control

High-Performance Design. With today’s complex designs, it becomes more important than ever to have the high-performance tools at your disposal to keep you going. We’ve got all the tools you need to tackle those complicated design processes that are always made easier with intelligent tools.

  • Pin Swapping
  • Component Placement Rules
  • Supplier Links

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