SOLIDWORKS® Motion Simulation

SOLIDWORKS® Motion is a complete motion simulation and kinematics solution, which is fully integrated within SOLIDWORKS®. This product has the ability to simulate mechanical operations of motorized assemblies and the physical forces they generate, and then gather output information such as forces at joints and power consumption.

SOLIDWORKS® Motion has many important benefits: it helps to reduce the number of prototypes and physical testing, improves product quality with the help of “what if” scenarios, helps to avoid recalls and reduce warranty costs, reduce tooling modification costs and save time in the design and development process.

Key benefits include:

  • Comprehensive simulation capabilities including drop tests, optimization, fatigue, post dynamics, static, frequency, thermal and nonlinear
  • The ability to simulate virtually any real-world condition or force
  • Flow simulation to optimize for liquids or gases
  • Reduces prototypes
  • Optimized to reduce solve time
  • Costing analysis

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