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More than any other industry, decisions in Energy and Power need to be based on hard data.  Whether you’re trying to convince venture capitalists that your innovation will be game changing, to make sure your prototype will withstand field trials, or asking end customers to vote for your proposal at a town meeting, saying “Just trust us,” doesn’t cut it anymore. Let’s explore the tools that can give you and your product the confidence to innovate through sustainable design.

Flow Simulation Energy IconFlow Simulation
Working directly on your SolidWorks models, Flow Simulation accounts for conduction, convection and radiation on any material you can define, from multi-story wind turbines down to individual chips and heat sinks.  Test your worst case operating conditions, determine ramp up and cool down times, and test multiple design options with no experimental noise for a true “apples-to-apples” comparison.

Simulation IconStrength Analysis
Stress/strain analysis has gone mainstream.  Best-in-class companies now use Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to inform each major design decision, resulting in an average 28% reduction in development time and 24% reduction in product cost since transitioning to science backed decisions (source: Aberdeen Group, April 2011).  Usable by every engineer, every day, Simulation Basic allows linear elastic strength testing of parts and assemblies, so that every decision can be weighed with hard data.

Material Analysis IconMaterial Analysis
To analyze composites such as carbon-fiber, expert users can upgrade to Simulation Premium to create the widest range of science based decisions.  Specify ply thicknesses and angles, calculate individual layer failure and inter-laminar shear stress, all without leaving the SolidWorks interface.  Premium users can also analyze non-linear situations such as shock loads, plastic deformations and forced vibrations to make sure that your product will pass required physical tests the first time.

Data Management IconData Management
It could be argued that no other industry is more vital to the economy and the planet’s well-being than power and energy; whether it be strictly green renewable energy or cleaner, more efficient use of fossil-based fuels. Power and energy companies will be pushing the boundaries of technology in all aspects. Enterprise PDM is an inexpensive solution that provides secure file, data, and process management for these corporations as they devise and build new technologies providing the energy for future generations.

SolidWorks Electrical IconElectrical Design
The energy and power industry facing the challenge of extremely complex projects. Some electrical schematics can have many hundreds of sheets with thousands of connections for an engineer to create cross references between by hand in 2D CAD tools. P&ID, Hydraulic and Pneumatic diagrams are also sharing space with the mechanical design of a project to that leads to massive coordination efforts and meetings pouring over spreadsheets and printouts. Luckily, SolidWorks Electrical can vastly automate the coordination of these design disciplines to enable faster time to market and delivery of a project with less errors and fewer unneeded spare parts.

2D CAD and .dwg based documents have been the standard for many years for the creation and communication of designs in the Energy industry. DraftSight Premium Pack is a powerful .dwg based system that you can implement to create and document site layouts, plant designs and incorporate those designs with more detailed designs in SolidWorks Electrical and Mechanical design software.  Check out the DraftSight Premium Services ROI Calculator (visit DraftSight.com/ROI) and in less than one minute learn how you can save money by investing in DraftSight’s Premium Pack vs. maintaining your current CAD product and service.

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