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There are many injection molding shops out there, so to set yourself apart you have to offer faster turnaround time, lower cost, or better customer service than your competitors. Do all three at once by  integrating CAPINC’s CAD, simulation and 3D printing tools.

Mechanical Design IconMechanical Design
Let’s face it, this is the hardest thing you can do with a CAD system. Pick any other industry. Now, find the hardest thing that they do. That’s where your day begins. You have to accept that design, and they probably won’t even give you the original files, and you need to take it a step further. You have to develop a manufacturing approach, derive the tooling, build up fixtures and a process, to turn that design into reality. And you need to do it for cheap, and they want it delivered yesterday. And that’s why mold, tool and die shops use SolidWorks. Because you do this every day. And so does SolidWorks.

SolidWorks Plastics Icon Plastic Design
Better communication means faster turnaround. You can look at a CAD model and instantly tell if it is moldable, but your customers can’t.  Trying to explain to them, over the phone, why certain geometry needs to be thicker or thinner or moved is annoying for both sides.  SolidWorks Plastics integrates right into the CAD system you already use, requiring no pre- or post- processing, and can quickly create videos to show how plastic will fill the mold for any given material, injection machine,
or runner system.
When hours count, spend minutes to check your design. In under 15 minutes, set up and run an analysis to determine cycle time, cooling times, shot size and best gate locations, so that you only have to make the mold once.  Just like the spell-check on your word processor, SolidWorks Plastics can provide that quick, immediate check to prevent errors hours later.  With further add-ins, go as deep into simulating the mold process as you want, analyzing custom cooling situations, packing times, and shrinkage and warping of the finished part, all before you ever cut metal.  That’s how you get faster, get cheaper, and make your customers love working with you, so they keep coming back over the years.

Data Management IconData Management
Molds and tooling costs can run into the many thousands of dollars. Managing all the design changes accurately is vital to avoid huge cost overruns and lost time in bringing product to market. Enterprise PDM manages these complex files and the associated processes with ease, providing tooling manufacturer’s a high degree of confidence in managing change.

3D Printing Icon
3D Printing
On the manufacturing floor, time is money. 3D printing can reduce the time it takes to create manufacturing tools by up to 85%. You can produce manufacturing tools such as jigs and fixtures, tooling masters and production tooling in hours—without expensive machining or tooling.

SolidWorks Electrical Icon
Electrical Design
Competitive pressure has a massive impact on the mold, tool and die industry in New England. To remain price competitive, automation needs to be added to all aspects of manufacturing production.  Mold, tool and die shops are now implementing complex hydraulic and pneumatic actions for their molds and robotic automation cells to decrease cycle time.  The design of this complex equipment requires a smart approach, dealing with electrical and hydraulic schematics, linked to the 3D manufacturing model to ensure that the machine cycle time is optimized.

Most mold, tool and die companies have lots of .dwg based documents that need to be maintained and edited.  DraftSight Premium Pack is a powerful .dwg based system that you can implement to ensure that your drawings will always be ready to revise when that time comes.  Check out the DraftSight Premium Services ROI Calculator (visit and in less than one minute learn how you can save money by investing in DraftSight’s Premium Pack vs. maintaining your current CAD product and service.

InspectionXpert IconInspection
Increased globalization has created new revenue opportunities for manufacturers and suppliers.  However, a geographic shift of supply chains to emerging markets creates pressure on domestic suppliers to adopt more efficient quality control processes.  If you are a contract manufacturer looking to meet your customers’ quality inspection requirements, InspectionXpert can help by automating the identification and extraction of inspection characteristics (e.g. dimensions, tolerances, etc…) from your customer’s drawings.



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