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High Tech Featuring ARS productsThink the unthinkable. In the High Tech industry you’re constantly creating and thinking of new ways of doing things that change the way we design, think and live. To stay ahead and continue to imagine and create the future you need the right tools. CAPINC offers a number of innovative solutions that will keep you doing the unthinkable.

SolidWorks Electrical IconElectrical Design
Electronic product designers must maintain high levels of quality and ensure product failures do not occur in the field. This coupled with the fact that designs are more compact and systems are more integrated makes for challenging electrical and mechanical engineering. SolidWorks Electrical enables companies to maintain a shared data model between the electrical schematic design, PCB connection data and the mechanical housing of a product with the added benefit of efficient manufacturing, assembly documentation of wires and cables and servicing instructions.

High Tech Flow Simulation IconFlow Simulation
Manage heat like never before. In previous years, you could just “point a fan at anything hot”.  But now, cutting edge companies must actively manage their entire heat flow to extend component life, to reduce power consumption, and to allow for ever tighter spaces and more powerful electronics.  Using SolidWorks Flow Simulation, you can analyze your designs to any level you wish.
Start with the big picture. More accurate than hand calculations because it takes your geometry into account, you can perform simple energy balances to determine steady state operating temperatures and visualize your heat removal methods.  Are your components cooled mainly by conduction or convection?  How big a part does radiation play?  No need to wonder anymore- unlike thermocouple testing, all solid and fluid temperatures are calculated at every spot in the model, allowing powerful post-processing insights. CAPINC engineers can provide custom training using your designs, making sure your results are accurate, so you can fully understand how the heat in your product behaves, from any angle.

High Tech Electronic Cooling Module IconElectronic Cooling Module
If detailed thermal analysis of PCB’s is vital to the success of your design, ask about Flow Simulation’s  optional Electronics Cooling Module. Adding an entire library of industry-approved component models to your toolkit, you can get more accurate results without increasing solve times.  Account for Joule heating of electronically conductive components, use the JEDEC two resistor model to increase accuracy of your IC temperature results (without having to model the chip) and simulate phase-change heat pipes without spending solve time on the physics inside.  If your electronics models need to be as accurate and fast as possible, ask for a demonstration of the Electronics Cooling Module today.

Data Management IconData Management
The electronics industry is constantly pushed to drive costs lower while providing higher levels of quality. Enterprise PDM (EPDM) directly reduces bottom line costs and quality issues by providing streamlined processes and real-time vendor information. EPDM delivers the goods when it comes to the electronics specific needs of reduced cost, higher quality, and accuracy of information.

3D Printing Icon3D Printing
The triple requirements of attractive design, small form factor, and high production efficiency make designing consumer electronics products particularly challenging. Creating prototypes and models of these products is equally difficult: Realistic models that include all the small parts and fine details of the end products are essential for accurately assessing the product’s form, fit and function.
Polyjet 3D printers are unique in their ability to print parts with exceptionally thin walls of 0.6mm or less and tolerances of +/-0.1mm, making polyjet models ideal for small devices that are densely packed with minute components. Translucent polyjet materials enable designers and engineers to create clear shells that offer a view of how the electronics fit within the device.
In the competitive consumer electronics field, polyjet enhances collaborative flow, reduces time to market, and helps keep new devices under wraps until launch.

Most electronics design companies have lots of .dwg based documents that need to be maintained and edited for wires, schematics and PCBs.  DraftSight Premium Pack is a powerful .dwg based system that you can implement to ensure that your drawings will always be ready to revise and update.  This software can be used in combination with SolidWorks Electrical, Mechanical and Enterprise PDM.   Check out the DraftSight Premium Services ROI Calculator (visit DraftSight.com/ROI) and in less than one minute learn how you can save money by investing in DraftSight’s Premium Pack vs. maintaining your current CAD product and service.

InspectionXpert IconInspection
Quality inspection is crucial to ensure proper documentation and compliance to standards.  In the high tech and electronics field,  products are inspected to exacting requirements, for both the mechanical and electronic aspects of the design.  Typically the mechanical design is a housing that can only be verified by CMM inspection.   InspectionXpert can help your process by automating the identification and extraction of inspection characteristics (e.g. dimensions, tolerances, etc…) from your drawings as well as integrating the results from your CMM and other measurement equipment.

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