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Set yourself apart.
Win more business and deliver more value to your customers by creating more than just 3D models. Using the full CAPINC product line, extend your service offerings into high-value areas that naturally accompany engineering design, and that customers are eager to outsource.

Consumer Good- Design AnalysisDesign Analysis
Provide hard performance data when submitting your design. Why not give your customers a differentiator: the ability to decide between design concepts early in the process using hard, dependable, Simulation data.
Test multiple “What if?” scenarios without the time and cost of physical prototypes. Explore scenarios manually, or automatically determine your entire design space using our Optimization module.

Plastics- consumer goodsPlastic Design
Design for manufacturability. Reduce customer costs and increase your revenue by checking for production problems early in the design. Automatically check for hundreds of potential problems such as hole depth-to-diameter, minimum corner radii and non-standard tooling using DFMXpress. And if your parts are injection molded, easily simulate the injection process to find the location of unsightly weld lines, dangerous air traps and sink marks using SolidWorks Plastics (shown at left). If your competitors’ designs require months of redesign during production and yours work right the first time, your customers will remember.

SolidWorks Composer- Enginerring ServicesTechnical Communications
Create documentation, direct from 3D. Many companies outsource their technical documentation and most require it before product release, which is always the most hectic time in the schedule. Add value to your customer by creating clear, stunning images for their manuals directly from the 3D models you already have, faster and better than they could have done it themselves. Use SolidWorks Composer to go beyond exploded views and create purpose-driven images, which illustrate each step in the assembly process clearly and elegantly.

SolidWorks Electrical IconElectrical Design
Nearly all products on the market today rely on electrical power.  Coordinating the design of electrical and electronic components with the mechanical design takes careful control and effort.   However, in the engineering and design services field, it can be nearly impossible to collaborate real time with supply chain partners across multiple locations.  SolidWorks Electrical is based on an SQL database that enables multiple users to work together to generate complex schematic designs across multiple locations and design teams, connecting all design disciplines, while maintaining a unified BOM and product model.

Data Management IconData Management
Tracking changes to customer’s requirements and documentation for engineering and design service firms is a full time task. Enterprise PDM (EPDM) substantially reduces the burden to internal staff at these companies with its available web tools that allow outside users to engage in workflows that manage their data. Electronic sign offs and approvals are available to the remote user and provide immediate feedback to the design team internally. EPDM pushes efficiencies internally to help shorten design cycles that frees time to cultivate new customers.

3D Printing Icon3D Printing
Improve design and communication. Quickly and inexpensively produce multiple rapid prototypes for testing and optimization. By turning your design into a 3D model, you can communicate better with research and development teams, sales, marketing, customers, manufacturing engineering, and tool makers. Reduce prototype design costs. Use 3D  models to find design errors early, before tooling – when the cost to make product design changes are low.

Many engineering and design services providers have lots of .dwg files that get generated from their customers or drawings that have been created internally over the years that may need editing.  DraftSight Premium Pack is a powerful .dwg based system that you can implement to ensure that your drawings will always be ready to revise when that time comes.  Check out the DraftSight Premium Services ROI Calculator (visit and in less than one minute learn how you can save money by investing in DraftSight’s Premium Pack vs. maintaining your current CAD product and service.

InspectionXpert IconInspection
Design and manufacturing don’t all have to be under the same roof anymore.  This shift of supply chains to outsourced service providers places pressure on on you to create more efficient quality control processes.  If you are an outsourced service provider looking to meet your customers’ quality inspection requirements, InspectionXpert can help by automating the identification and extraction of inspection characteristics (e.g. dimensions, tolerances, etc…) from your customer’s drawings.

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