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More than any other industry, Consumer Product design is calendar driven. That Christmas deadline or product release date has to be met. At the same time, you must maintain or increase your Perception of Quality, that hard-to-define ‘It’ factor, which keeps your customers loyal in the face of cheaper, generic competitors. How can CAPINC help? Here are some examples.

Consumer Good- Design AnalysisDesign Analysis
Test for real world conditions such as being dropped 3 feet corner-first onto concrete, as is shown with the smartphone on the left. More than just abstract stress or strain results, easily test your products against previous years’ models or versions you know your customers love. Nothing saps the Perception of Quality faster than a new product which is less rugged than the old, or perceived to be not sturdy enough for the price.

Plastics- consumer goodsPlastic Design
Get the mold right the first time. Each redesign of the mold will add a month to your design cycle, right at the end when you can least afford it. Why not check that your part will fill, free of air traps, sink marks or weld lines before you send it to the mold maker? Using Plastics Simulation designed for the day-to-day engineer, mold problems are clear, such as the plastic container to the left failing to completely fill because the walls are too thin.

Technical Communication IconTechnical Communication
Improve your manuals, the first thing your customer sees. High-end consumers are demanding high-end, easy-to-understand manuals, so go past digital photos or simple CAD screenshots to create Purpose-Driven Images like the one at left. Usable by either engineers or technical illustrators, SolidWorks Composer can re-purpose your CAD data with the ideal mix of 3D and graphics design tools to create clear, elegant images, in less time than your current process.

Data Management IconData Management
In the hyper-drive world of consumer product development Enterprise PDM (EPDM) shines brilliantly by delivering world-class collaboration whether it is across the hall or across the globe. EPDM can help consumer product companies meet tight deadlines while providing accurate information at users fingertips. EPDM captures a products full life-cycle, which provides a deeper insight to development steps and where processes can be streamlined so products developed in the future get to market even faster.
SolidWorks Electrical IconElectrical Design
In the demanding and competitive market of consumer goods, engineers realize how valuable a shorten design cycle is. Understanding the connectivity of electrical and mechanical systems is difficult and iterative. Schematics generated in SolidWorks Electrical are bi‐directional and linked real‐time to the overall product model so either can update the other, ensuring design coordination. The electrical and mechanical BOMs are combined, coordinated and managed. This decrease time to market and avoids hidden costs.

3D Printing Icon3D Printing
With the help of an in-house, Stratasys system, product designers can create multiple design iterations and test them with consumers. Using this fast-paced and affordable approach can get higher-quality products to market faster—giving you a competitive edge. Stratasys 3D product manufacturing systems use thermoplastics and Stratasys’ FDM technology to produce fully functional and testable prototypes that meet your exact specifications. Test form, fit and function so you can make important design changes early and spend less.

Many consumer goods companies have lots of .dwg files that get generated from Industrial Designers or drawings that have been created internally over the years that may need editing. DraftSight Premium Pack is a powerful .dwg based system that you can implement to ensure that your drawings will always be ready to revise when that time comes. Check out the DraftSight Premium Services ROI Calculator (visit and in less than one minute learn how you can save money by investing in DraftSight’s Premium Pack vs. maintaining your current CAD product and service.

InspectionXpert IconInspection
Quality inspection is crucial to ensure proper documentation and compliance to standards. In the consumer products field, products are inspected to exacting requirements, for both the mechanical and electronic aspects of the design. Typically the mechanical design is a housing can that only be verified by CMM inspection. InspectionXpert can help your process by automating the identification and extraction of inspection characteristics (e.g. dimensions, tolerances, etc…) from your drawings as well as integrating the results from your CMM and other measurement equipment.

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