Whether you are a commercial company or an educational outfit you are faced with a number of design challenges that SolidWorks® and Stratasys products can solve. We believe that our solutions will assist you in solving your most difficult engineering problems. Take a look for yourself.

Aerospace and Defense

In the Aerospace and Defense industry, the pressure is on to reduce costs for taxpayers and to reduce overhead at your own companies. Also a concern is maintaining proper records and conforming to military and global design standards. This requires a deep understanding of the processes and software systems that are used to create accurate … Continue reading

Consumer Goods

Speed. More than any other industry, Consumer Product design is calendar driven. That Christmas deadline or product release date has to be met. At the same time, you must maintain or increase your Perception of Quality, that hard-to-define ‘It’ factor, which keeps your customers loyal in the face of cheaper, generic competitors. How can CAPINC help? … Continue reading

Engineering and Design Services

Set yourself apart. Win more business and deliver more value to your customers by creating more than just 3D models. Using the full CAPINC product line, extend your service offerings into high-value areas that naturally accompany engineering design, and that customers are eager to outsource. Design Analysis Provide hard performance data when submitting your design. … Continue reading

High Tech – Electronics

Think the unthinkable. In the High Tech industry you’re constantly creating and thinking of new ways of doing things that change the way we design, think and live. To stay ahead and continue to imagine and create the future you need the right tools. CAPINC offers a number of innovative solutions that will keep you doing … Continue reading


The medical engineering industry is unique in that the products developed by teams of designers are life saving tools and devices. Whether you’re developing the latest diagnostics equipment or surgical device, the success of your job relies on the proper tools and resources available. Learn how our partner solutions and engineering expertise can advance your team’s … Continue reading

Mold, Tool and Die

Win more business. There are many injection molding shops out there, so to set yourself apart you have to offer faster turnaround time, lower cost, or better customer service than your competitors. Do all three at once by  integrating CAPINC’s CAD, simulation and 3D printing tools. Mechanical Design Let’s face it, this is the hardest thing you … Continue reading

Power and Energy

Science Backed Decisions. More than any other industry, decisions in Energy and Power need to be based on hard data.  Whether you’re trying to convince venture capitalists that your innovation will be game changing, to make sure your prototype will withstand field trials, or asking end customers to vote for your proposal at a town … Continue reading


Inspire to change the future. CAPINC has long been recognized as strong partner for New England’s premier educational institutions. We are actively engaged in bringing cutting-edge technology to the industry leaders of tomorrow. From high schools and technical institutes to community colleges and world renowned universities, our SOLIDWORKS engineering experts are committed to providing professional support … Continue reading

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