NEMO Equipment

CAPINC case study- NEMO Equipment

NEMO Equipment, located in Dover, NH, designs and manufactures outdoor equipment, tents and shelters. They are best known for their AirSupported Technology, which incorporates low pressure airbeams in place of traditional aluminum tent poles.

NEMO uses their Dimension 3D printer weekly for their prototyping needs. It helps them streamline the prototyping process and focus on ground-breaking and useful design. At NEMO, they collaborate in design through research, brainstorms, and sketching. Those concepts are developed and then implemented in the computer 3D program SolidWorks. Then the parts are printed and used in prototyping and testing.

Through feedback and test results, they modify models and print updated parts. Once these parts are up to the NEMO standard, they send them off for production. As NEMO’s product line expands beyond tents, it continues to thrive as a young company. The Dimension 3D printer is pivotal in their fast-paced design environment and in their commitment to making the most innovative and high quality equipment for outdoor adventure.

“Thank you CAPINC for your selection of quality products and incredible support!” – NEMO Equipment

To learn more about NEMO, check out their website:

Nemo Equipment office space
NEMO Equipment’s workspace in Nashua, NH
Nemo Equipment with a Dimension 3D Printer
Brandon Davey, Senior Designer, loading their Dimension 3D printer while running SolidWorks on his laptop
NEMO Equipment printed prototype
Some of NEMO’s 3D printed pieces assembled. These prototype parts are fundamental to the development of new products.
NEMO Equipment - printed prototype
Brandon Davey (Senior Designer) collaborates with designers Cam Brensinger (founder / owner of NEMO) and Suzanne Turell (Director of Product Design) to create prototypes with their Dimension 3D printer.
NEMO Equipment with 3D Printed Parts
Brandon Davey works on recently printed prototypes. NEMO uses these in testing, and modifies those designs to reach the best balance of weight, durability, strength, and cost.

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